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I've written a book

I've written a book.  I actually wrote it 18 years ago, but I'm hoping to publish it now!
  Here's what I'm saying about it:

Time Out Dear Diary, I think I said too much.

A time out of my life; a A diary's perspective of leaving an abusive family and entering the madness of foster care. It is the ins and outs of the eating disorder, depression, and abuse that tried to mold me.Written when I was 13-16 years old, this diary takes you through 3 of my most important years.

I'm hoping to publish by the end of this year, so I have a few weeks left! I will self publish the book as an Ebook. Even if you don't have an E reader, you can put it on a computer and read it there.

I'll put links up here for purchasing through Amazon.
Wish me luck, and spread the word.

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