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Almost done

So, I've almost got it all done.
I've been going over the whole document, making sure everyone's name is correctly changed, making sure what I intended to say was said.  I've added a few 'author's notes,' and now I'm trying to decide when/how to publish.

I want to self publish because that's easy and free, and I can keep it digital.  However, I've also been drafting up query letters to literary agents.  Not sure if you can self publish and be published the traditional way.

Either way, the year is winding down, and my goal is still set.

I hope once my book is out and about, that you will help spread the word for me. I'm not sure how other people do it, but I know word of mouth can be pretty powerful. (word of Twitter, facebook, text...) I'm certainly not the next anybody, but, I have an important story that I want to share.

Stay tuned....

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